Milano, 2 Marzo 2021
L’italiana Walle Mobility annuncia la partnership con Airio, società americana specializzata nello sviluppo di software per percorsi di volo intelligenti per droni e shuttle elettrici VTOL (vertical take off and landing).

“Immaginate non 10, ma 100 velivoli in volo: come gestirli al meglio? Airio è uno dei partner ideali per la gestione dello spazio aereo.” dichiara Domenico Gagliardi, fondatore e CEO di Walle “grazie al loro software, saremo in grado di realizzare percorsi di volo intelligenti per la nostra flotta. …

Walle partecipa all’iniziativa Skygate, assumendo un ruolo sempre più principale per l’Advanced Air Mobility in Italia.

Logo Skygate

Walle, prima azienda italiana impegnata nel nuovo mercato dei taxi-aerei per il trasporto di persone e merci, ha chiuso un secondo accordo (dopo aver siglato il primo con Jaunt Air Mobility) con Skygate.

L’iniziativa Skygate prevede la realizzazione di un acceleratore dedicato all’ innovazione tecnologica nel settore della Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Inoltre un secondo obiettivo di SkyGate è quello di dar vita ad un vertiporto per la “Urban Air Mobility”, rinnovando le esistenti infrastrutture dell’Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia come laboratorio per la sperimentazione e…

Milano, 14 Gennaio 2021

L’italiana Walle Mobility e Jaunt Air Mobility, produttore americano di
elicotteri elettrici con tecnologia VTOL (vertical take off and
landing), annunciano la partnership per lo sviluppo in Italia del
segmento di mobilità aerea urbana (UAM-Urban Air Mobility),
concentrandosi su rotte entro i 50 km.

La partnership si pone l’ambizioso obiettivo di lanciare in Italia,
entro il 2024, l’innovativo servizio di trasporto, per rotte entro i 50
km, con shuttle elettrici in grado di decollare e atterrare sui
vertiporti (eVTOL electric vertical take off and landing).

Walle è la prima realtà italiana che vuole sviluppare nel nostro…

A few weeks ago we have launched Walle Air App. What is Walle Air App? We think that our community of supporters (Most of all Italian supporters) should know better about Urban Air Mobility.

People, especially in Italy, don’t know this market. They don’t know about VTOL or taxi-drones.

From this assumption, we imagined a web-app very simple, and user-friendly.

What are the app’s goals? Multiple.

Our main goal is to educate people on this market. In fact, within the app there is a section dedicated to the world of VTOL: you can read what they are, the difference from…

The Urban Air Mobility market is growing all over the world. Several global forecasts are making their assumptions. The most relevant one comes from Morgan Stanley. The study included an evaluation of both drone courier services and passenger eVTOL services, predicting that $851 billion of that $1.5 Trillion total markets will be taken up by passenger vehicles.

Credit: Ansa

While we are talking about UAM in the United States, are we sure that we can use the same term in Europe? Maybe not. Why?

Let us take the example of Italy. Italy has a very large number of islands (about 800) and…

Executive Summary
The Walle team offers a specific perspective on the opportunities arising from the future development of urban mobility.

About us

Walle mobility is an Italian startup founded by experts coming from different backgrounds and competence areas: aerospace, technical, and management.

After analyzing the current mobility context and how — based on our predictions — it will evolve within the economically developed countries, we focused on the main challenges that cities will face in the near future and on the solutions available. We developed two potential routes based on the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) technology.

Our aim is also…


Questo documento ha lo scopo di focalizzare l’attenzione sulla mobilità del futuro secondo il team di Walle Mobility.

Chi siamo

Walle Mobility: startup tutta italiana, composta da esperti professionisti inseriti nel settore dell’aerospazio, del volo e del management.

Abbiamo analizzato il contesto odierno, e come — secondo le nostre previsioni — cambierà la mobilità del domani all’interno dei paesi economicamente sviluppati. Ci siamo focalizzati sul “problema“ principale delle nostre città negli anni futuri, e sulla “soluzione” dei nostri spostamenti di domani, presentando a titolo esemplificativo due rotte potenzialmente e concretamente realizzabili.

Ultimo, ma non meno importante, vogliamo rendere…

In this short article, we will see the forecast of the UAM (Urban Air Mobility) market for the next years!

We are living in a very revolutionary age. It started with Wright brothers, and now it’s time to grow through the VTOLs (Vertical Take-off and landing), also named taxi-drones.

Probably in the coming years, we will have the highways of the future, which will not be on the ground but will be placed in our skies. From delivery to the transport of people, we are about to build the future of our cities with the whole UAM.


Let’s see the…

We have changed our style! But our mission hasn’t changed at all: to offer new forms of alternative mobility.
For mobility, Walle is what the cloud is for IT.

The pictogram is a stylized W, with angular and modern shapes reminiscent of an high speed aeroplane.
Dynamism and the concept of the future are the dominant elements of the entire logo.
The triangle (A) communicates movement and acts as a direction indicator.
With its three sides and three points it represents completeness and at the same time the origin of every evolution: that of Walle.


Negli ultimi giorni abbiamo…

Welcome to Walle Mobility’s official Medium page.
On our page you can find our latest articles, news and events. Walle Mobility was born in December 2019.

What does Walle want to do?

We help people move quickly through new form of mobility.

Walle wants to completely revolutionize mobility within urban and interurban centers. In the near future, we will have a big problem: traffic in the city.

We want to solve this problem and give you a better future.

The concept behind Walle Mobility is to create a connected mobility system that gives the user the ability to move in the air as easily as land travel.

“I think it’s possible for normal people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Elon Musk

Walle, go further… Go up.

Walle Mobility

WELCOME TO OUR BLOG. We help people move quickly through new forms of mobility. Go Vertical!

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